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NameRick Hubbs
CompanyArizona Native Seed Source
Address13535 West Sacred Earth Pl
Tucson, AZ 85735
Primary Phone520 481 2532
Web site
EmailLogin to view email
Ecosystem SpecializationOther
Region SpecializationSouthwest
ServicesCustom Mixes
Seed Collection
Seed Cleaning
Project Consulting
ProductsCertified Seed
Seed Mixes
Percentage of Stock is Native Plant Materials76-100%
Track Seed Collection Location?yes
Types of SalesRetail
Payment TypesCashier's Check
Purchase Order
Direct Deposit
Shipping MethodsUPS
Federal Express

Seed listings for:
Arizona Native Seed Source

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For SaleScientific NameCommon NameRelease NameSource State - CountyEcoregionQuantity
PriceGrowth Habit
Acacia constrictawhitethorn acaciaAZ-PinalArizona/New Mexico Mountains300 lbsaskTree, Shrub
Atriplex canescensfourwing saltbushAZ-GrahamMadrean Archipelago100 lbsaskShrub
Atriplex canescensfourwing saltbushAZ-CochiseArizona/New Mexico Plateau100 lbsaskShrub
Atriplex confertifoliashadscale saltbushAZ-GrahamMadrean Archipelago500 lbsaskSubshrub, Shrub
Blepharoneuron tricholepispine dropseedAZ-CoconinoArizona/New Mexico Mountains100 lbsaskGraminoid
Cercocarpus montanusalderleaf mountain mahoganyAZ-YavapaiArizona/New Mexico Mountains150 lbsaskTree, Shrub
Dasylirion wheelericommon sotolAZ-GrahamMadrean Archipelago40 lbsaskSubshrub, Shrub
Krascheninnikovia lanatawinterfatAZ-CoconinoArizona/New Mexico Mountains300 lbsaskSubshrub, Shrub
Larrea tridentatacreosote bushAZ-PinalSonoran Basin and Range100 lbsaskShrub
Muhlenbergia montanamountain muhlyAZ-CoconinoArizona/New Mexico Mountains100 lbsaskGraminoid
Oxytropis lambertiipurple locoweedAZ-CoconinoArizona/New Mexico Mountains30 lbsaskForb/herb
Parkinsonia floridablue paloverdeAZ-PimaSonoran Basin and Range30 lbsaskTree, Shrub
Penstemon palmeriPalmer's penstemonAZ-YavapaiArizona/New Mexico Mountains40 lbsaskSubshrub, Shrub, Forb/herb
Salvia columbariaechiaAZ-PimaSonoran Basin and Range45 lbsaskForb/herb
Sitanion hystrixAZ-CoconinoArizona/New Mexico Mountains80 lbsaskGraminoid
Zinnia grandifloraRocky Mountain zinniaAZ-CoconinoArizona/New Mexico Mountains20 lbsaskSubshrub, Shrub

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