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seep monkeyflower - Mimulus guttatus

Common Nameseep monkeyflower
Scientific Name with AuthorMimulus guttatus DC.
Growth HabitForb/herb
DurationAnnual, Perennial
U.S. NativityNative to U.S.

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CAaskaskS&S Seeds
CAaskaskStover Seed Company
ORWillamette ValleyaskaskWillamette Wildlings
OR - BentonaskaskPacific Northwest Natives
OR - BentonWillamette Valleyask$120/ozJonny Native Seed
WAPuget LowlandsaskaskSun Mountain Natives

MILAA2Mimulus langsdorfii var. arvensis
MILACMimulus langsdorfii var. californicus
MILAGMimulus langsdorfii var. grandis
MILAG2Mimulus langsdorfii var. guttatus
MILAIMimulus langsdorfii var. insignis
MILAMMimulus langsdorfii var. microphyllus
MILAM3Mimulus langsdorfii var. minimus
MIGUPMimulus guttatus var. puberulus
MIGUSMimulus guttatus ssp. scouleri
MIHAMimulus hallii
MIHI3Mimulus hirsutus
MILA12Mimulus laxus
MILA13Mimulus langsdorfii
MIEQMimulus equinnus
MIAR6Mimulus arvensis
MILAAMimulus langsdorfii var. argutus
MILO3Mimulus longulus
MILUDMimulus luteus var. depauperatus
MILUGMimulus luteus var. gracilis
MILY3Mimulus lyratus
MIMA7Mimulus maguirei
MIMA9Mimulus marmoratus
MIMI10Mimulus micranthus
MIMI4Mimulus microphyllus
MINA2Mimulus nasutus
MIPA13Mimulus parishii
MIPA15Mimulus paniculatus
MIPA8Mimulus pardalis
MIPE5Mimulus petiolaris
MIPR6Mimulus procerus
MILANMimulus langsdorfii var. nasutus
MILAPMimulus langsdorfii var. platyphyllus
MICO10Mimulus cordatus
MICU5Mimulus cuspidata
MIDE11Mimulus decorus
MIGL8Mimulus glareosus
MICL5Mimulus clementinus
MIBR8Mimulus brachystylis
MIPU12Mimulus puncticalyx
MIRI2Mimulus rivularis
MISC4Mimulus scouleri
MISU7Mimulus subreniformis
MITE8Mimulus tenellus
MITH2Mimulus thermalis
MIUN2Mimulus unimaculatus
MIBA4Mimulus bakeri
MIGLAMimulus glabratus var. ascendens
MIGR11Mimulus grandis
MIGR9Mimulus grandiflorus
MIGUAMimulus guttatus ssp. arenicola
MIGUA2Mimulus guttatus ssp. arvensis
MIGUA3Mimulus guttatus var. arvensis
MIGUDMimulus guttatus var. decorus
MIGUD2Mimulus guttatus var. depauperatus
MIGUG2Mimulus guttatus var. grandis
MIGUG3Mimulus guttatus var. gracilis
MIGUHMimulus guttatus ssp. haidensis
MIGUH2Mimulus guttatus var. hallii
MIGUIMimulus guttatus var. insignis
MIGUL2Mimulus guttatus ssp. litoralis
MIGUL3Mimulus guttatus var. lyratus
MIGUL4Mimulus guttatus var. laxus
MIGUMMimulus guttatus ssp. micranthus
MIGUM2Mimulus guttatus var. microphyllus
MIGUNMimulus guttatus var. nasutus
MIPU11Mimulus puberulus
MIPR7Mimulus prionophyllus
MINAMMimulus nasutus var. micranthus

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